Hi everyone, and welcome to my studio! 

As you can see from the photos, I am equipped for any of your keyboard needs.  :-) 

If you need a pro recording of one or more takes of acoustic or electric piano, organ, synthesizer, melodica, I am here for you.   

I love playing Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul, Latin, etc., in a creative and personal way. If you have a song with chords that do not satisfy you because they are too simple and obvious, I'm your man. 

But if you have a classical, neoclassical or similar music score that you want to be played faithfully... there are others who do it better than me :-) 

I can read music, I also play pieces by Chopin or Debussy, but I prefer playing with inventive creativity because: 

 "The piano ain't got no wrong notes." T.S. Monk 

 I book sessions on all the major platforms and have accumulated a great deal of experience with satisfied customers from all over the world. 

  For any info, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 



Acoustic piano (Schimmel Baby Grand), Electric piano (Rhodes Mark I Suitcase '79), Nord Electro 6d, Hammond L100, Melodion Hammond 44 and various virtual instruments (Arturia, Ravenscrift 275, NI The Grandeur, Alicia's Keys and many others) 

Audio Interfaces: Audient iD44, Audient sp8.

Mics: Cascade Fat Head (ribbon), CAD Audio GXL3000, Behringer B-5, Akg C5, Aston Stealth 

DAW Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 

I am not only a session player but also a composer, producer and arranger. My last project "NoteSpeak 12", out on Ropeadope Records, received a 5 star review from the iconic Downbeat magazine. 

To record a keyboard track for you I need your song (or a cover), from an audio file (in the beginning an mp3 is ok) to a multitrack session (Logic/garage band) or just separated tracks in wav or aif + the click….. and let me know the bpm of the song. 

Sheet music appreciated but maybe you'd prefer that I make a part from chords, in that case you can also send me some examples (youtube link is fine). 

I will send you a file audio (WAV 44,1kHz up to 96kHz   24bit) or whatever you need....in the audio file domain :-)