Italian Pianist and Composer

I touched a piano for the first time when I was five. You could say it was love at first sight, and I took advantage of every occasion to make hideous sounds on two tiny little keys. I wasn’t very good until I became decent, and my zeal has lasted for years. The people who showed me the piano doomed me to a lifetime of passion and zero interest in anything but music. 

Over the years, I’ve been a self-taught artist who preferred to “steal” techniques and inspiration from those who were better than me, hoping that the student would become the teacher one day. Given the fact that I’m now a modern piano teacher at the “L’Altrosuono” school in Brescia, you could say that I kinda made it. 

When I’m not performing, composing, recording music in my studio, or using the piano as brain food, you may find me cooking actual food and cycling around the country to work it off. I also happen to be tech-savvy and am able to produce pieces for IT-related projects.

Recent discography:

Hippie Tendencies” - Hippie Tendencies

Identity” - Hippie Tendencies

Se io ho perso…chi ha vinto?” Anna Maria Castelli

The Italian Project” - Lisa Bell

Furaha” - RVG Trio

Dream Settings” - M. Cremaschini

The Dark Seas of The Moon” - M. Cremaschini

NoteSpeak” - Lisa Marie Simmons

Thorns and Roses” YaMatto

"We’re Gonna Change It" - L. M. Simmons

“Even In My Soul” - Marco Cocconi quartet 

"Lisa meets Gianni" L. M. Simmons



Scuola Popolare di Musica, Cremona: harmony, jazz piano and improvisation with Roberto Cipelli and Mario Piacentini,

CPM Music Institute, Milano with Frano D’Andrea

Seminari Internazionali Estivi “Siena Jazz” with P. Fresu

ARCI - Cremona Masterclass with Han Bennink

Triennium Jazz at the conservatory L. Marenzio di Brescia

MasterClass with Herbie Hancock



- I’ve played with quite a few outstanding musicians like: V. Abeni, L. Bell, S. Boffa, G. Bombardieri, R. Bonisolo, A.M. Castelli, G. Cazzola, G. Corini, A. Farrington, S. Gibellini, S. Guiducci, Rosa Emilia, A. Peli, F. Sigurtà. M. Slaviero, L. Thompson, C. Valbusa and others.

“George Montagner Band" (cover pop, rock, jazz)

"Raiz Latina"  (Italian-cuban band)

"Looking Forward" (record label)

Anna Gotti (CD "Ordinary Woman”)

Luciano Poli (3CD "Chiacchiere" ”Off Topic" “Alta Quota”

The collaboration with Lisa Marie Simmons in the Hippie Tendencies group and with the “NoteSpeak” project has continued for several years.


- Modern piano teacher at the "L'Altrosuono" school in Brescia.

- Artist in residence at SUNY Oneonta.

- Freelance shift worker, with his own recording studio, at the platforms:


- Airgigs

- Musiversal

- Soundbetter

- Fiverr